Gotta love those Omega-3’s

I forget about fish a lot. Which is pretty ironic since I live on the water.

You always hear how greeeaaat it is for you, and luckily- I totally dig fish.  It’s the only thing from the water that I eat.  And scallops.  I recently discovered I like scallops.

I’m borderline shunned from St. Mary’s county because of my general disdain for blue crabs, but hey I got these taste buds from my parents so I can blame them, right? [maybe?]  I do, however, make up for it by liking to pick crabs.

Then people looove me. I’m their new best friend. Everyone wants to sit next to me and my little bowl of crab meat.

Anyway- I have been seriously slacking on my omega-3 intake these past few weeks so I decided to make this recipe I saw on The Bitten Word a while back: Salmon with Agrodolce Sauce.

Mmm I can already feel that omega-3 goodness doing whatever all these doctors claim it does.  I just like salmon.  Why can’t people eat salmon simply because they like it?? Unfortunately, that’s also my philosophy with desserts.

Reason #9847539847 why I like this dish? It makes for some excellent leftovers.  Since I generally use olive oil and balsamic vinegar as my salad dressing to begin with- that agrodolche sauce worked beautifully atop a bed of spinach, tomatoes, and feta.


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