Decorating [on the cheap!]

Rue de Rivoli, Paris

My parents have started to update our house.  It’s 20something years old so it’s due for a makeover.  First was my sister’s room, then came my room, and then it was the office.

My mom saw a picture/design somewhere [probably on HGTV- the source of all good things] of a room with a wall of photos.  All arranged haphazardly.  She loved it.  I was totally on board [she likes to ask my opinion on design related things since I’m an architect, and that clearly means I have amazing taste].

She started shopping around for black and white photos, and I was like “woah woah woah, girl please!” It’s not like I didn’t study abroad in two countries or anything, and hardly ever took my camera out of my hand!  So I offered to go through my bajillion pictures and select some I thought would work well in a frame and in B&W.  We decided on a few, I did a little photoshop-y-shop, I sent them off to, and voila! $10 later we had a nice photo wall [plus costs of black frames].

It’s a great way to personalize a room- for cheap! Just go through some travel or family photos and send them off to be printed in whichever size you want, frame them, and fill up a wall.  I’ve also wanted to try pasting some photos onto a canvas- that sounds fun too…maybe cut some pretty paper to cover the edges…

And yes- that first photo should look familiar…

La Basilique de Sacré Coeur

scotch tasting, Edinburgh, Scotland


Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triumph


North Yorkshire, UK


Easby Abbey, Richmond, UK *NOTE* this is not my original picture!








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