Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all those fabulous dad’s out there!

Even though I bought my dad a ticket to the Food and Wine Festival a few weeks back- I figured I would do something else for him a little closer to the holiday because, well, he’s awesome.

My dad’s favorite things in life involve chocolate.  More specifically chocolate/peanut butter combinations.  Seriously, you hand him a peanut butter cup and you’ve found yourself a new best friend.  Add in an ability to golf and you’re bffl’s!

Instead of buying him pounds of Reese’s, I decided I would go on a dessert escapade this past week and make myself him numerous goodies involving this magical combination.  It also doesn’t hurt that he passed this pb/chocolate love affair on to me. It must be in the genes.

My first attempt were these no-bake cookies.  My dad loved them, but I prefer the good ole fashioned baked kinds.  Hey, you never know until you try! I should also admit that I didn’t have enough oats for the recipe so that could have messed up the consistency a bit. Actually, I’m pretty sure it did because mine were nowhere near as fluffy-looking as the ones in the original picture…whatevs.

Round two was beyond amazing! I think I found my new go-to dessert: Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles.  It was like chocolate covered pretzels on crack! I used dark instead of milk chocolate for these beauties [its healthy this way. you know, antioxidants and all…], and I was in heaven.  More importantly, so was dad.  To boot, they’re super easy to make. It takes a bit of patience because you have to make sure the peanut butter mixture is pretty solid/frozen before you dip them in the chocolate, but its worth it my friends.  Trust me.

On the pretzels-in-desserts train I decided to make these Idle Hand Bars for round three. She warns you in her blog that they’re addicting, and she was right. The blog isn’t called ‘Guilty Kitchen’ for nothing!  Think about a Reese’s…and then add a million happiness points to it, and that’s how good these were.  Props to you Elizabeth, you made our household very cheery this weekend.  I used dark chocolate for this as well since I had some left from the truffles.  They might have been [gasp] too sweet otherwise- the dark adds a bit of bite compared to the more sweet milk chocolate.  I may have had a little more of these than necessary, but HEY! I ran 10 miles on Saturday, so it evens out….right??

I was going to make these peanut butter cup brownies for round four, but I figured three desserts in a week was enough.

I swear none of us have diabetes [yet], or are overweight [somehow].

I would also like to mention I cut all of these recipes in half…

Last note [I swear]- dear whoever made the course for the Baltimore 10-miler, you are a MEANIE! That many hills is not OK.  That’s all….


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