The weekly round-up

Unfortunatly, I’m not Oprah and I can’t buy everyone in my [small] audience the things on this list.  Shoot, I can’t even afford to buy MYSELF everything on this list.

All the same, I have a few things I would like to share.  You know, spread the love.  That kind of thing.

–There is this super fantastic photo project highlighting artists, coffee makers, jewelers and more. Go ahead, buy from an American Craftsman and not a chain store! If I can, I save up and splurge on a quality item from an artist who handmakes their products. Skilled craftsmen are hard to come by these days, and I like to support them any time I can [*side note* I bought candy from Liddabit Sweets for my grandparents last Christmas, and they had rave reviews]

TOMS sunglasses! I know most everyone has heard about TOMS ‘you buy a pair, we donate a pair’ montra.  Well, now they have moved on to vision, and with every pair of glasses you purchase TOMS will help a vision impared person in developing countries like Nepal and Cambodia.  So awesome- plus they’re stylish. I have a huge crush on Blake Mycoski. Just throwing that out there…

–Need a new exercise routine? Maybe?? Eeeeh?? My track teammate just got his personal trainer’s license and works at my gym so I figured “why not, I’ll give him some business”. I’ve been wanting to hire a PT for a while anyway. Well, he kicks my ass.  He introduced me to TRX training, which basically involves you holding  a rope suspended from the ceiling and lifting your body weight in different ways.  Its AMAZING. I’m a convert. No more weight lifting machines for me! If your gym has it I would seriously recommend trying it out.  Man, those Navy SEALS really knew what they were doing!

–More photo inspiration from Tracey Capone on her blog that features daily photographs.  I don’t know about you, but I could use a little dose of creative inspiration some days, and beautiful images are a favorite fix for me.  So next time you need some ideas, or just want to see something pretty you should check out her blog.

–If I had the money I would buy myself [and you!] a pair of these suckers.  Personalized jeans!!?? YES PLEASE. No more agonizing hours of jean shopping for me! <sigh> one day.

This eating area.  I am in love.  The pictures clustered together just so, the modern glass pendant, the simple wooden table, a nice graphic rug, and the combination of a sleek loveseat with urban metalic chairs? Its a complete winner for me.  I’m trying to see if I would change anything and I really don’t think I would…actually those patterns on the pillows can go. I think a solid print would work better. Yeah, thats all I would change.

–New favorite snacks: peanut butter crackers and the Dude Ranch chips by Late July food company. My new thing is to mix equal parts black beans and salsa to dip those chips into.  Be careful- you will get addicted!

–Ok, one more photo blog.  I find this one especially interesting because it highlights how much a photograph can reveal without any words.  The blog is a series of pictures submitted by individuals showing everything they would pack/need in life.  What would you take a picture of??

Well, thats all folks.  Enjoy the weekend!! I’ll be running a 10-miler in Baltimore on Saturday…hopefully the heat gives me mercy!


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