Pizza Maker

To continue my newfound love for pizza on the grill I wanted to try this recipe from The Healthy Foodie.  The picture was beautiful, how could you not want to eat it??

Unfortunately, mine didn’t turn out so pretty.  Actually, it was ugly.  You see, around this time of year the humidity really kicks in over here on the Bay. And Maryland heat? Yeah, it can be brutal when combined with that aforementioned humidity.

The day I made this pizza it was still 80 degrees and humid 6:30. wtf.

Then, my genius self decided to try and consolidate the number of plates I was taking out to the grill [I was trying to be efficient!] and layered the dough on top of each other.  Well, it turns out dough sticks to one another when its hot outside.  Who knew? Next thing I know I’m trying to pull rip apart the dough and somehow [with dough in each hand] flop the one on the grill that I had already greased with olive oil. All while sweating from a combination of panicking, a hot grill, and a humid Maryland. I’m a mess. <shrug> at least I hadn’t showered yet.

Luckily, this recipe was solid and it still tasted great.

I did change it up a teeny bit.  My mom can’t eat zucchini so that posed a problem considering it was a major ingredient in the original recipe.  Instead, I spread a thin layer of leftover fire-roasted tomates, followed by some ripped spinach leaves, thin slices of fresh mozzarella, eggplant, tomatoes, and crumbled goat cheese. As Rachael Ray would say: “Yum-O!”

I forgot how much I love goat cheese. I think a goat cheese, pesto, apple [?] panini is in my future.  Maybe add some sliced grilled chicken if I don’t feel like being vegetarian that day.  Yeah, that sounds good…

ps- I like this song: Two Door Cinema, “What You Know” I can’t wait to see them at Lollapalooza!! Its ok, you can jive your shoulders a little but. No one’s looking.


2 thoughts on “Pizza Maker

  1. I’m super happy that you liked my recipe enough to give it a go. Thanks for sending me the link, I always like to see what people did! I like your version, it looks very yummy. And hey, it’s not that ugly, really! I love the fact that you made it on the grill. I plan to do that for my next pizza. My inspiration? Peaches!

    I love your idea of a goat cheese, pesto, apple and chicken panini. Sounds delicious! 🙂

    • Thanks for the recipe! I’m loving your blog [those quinoa burgers are next on my to-do list]. I think you will love grilling the pizza- its a whole new taste, and it guarantees a nice crispy crust. Can’t wait to see what you decide to make!

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