Chelsea Handler

This past weekend my parents and I ventured up to Washington, DC to see Chelsea Handler [along with Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald, and Josh Wolf] perform stand-up at DAR.  The show was awesome- that was the first time I had ever been to a comedy show! There were a lot of f-bombs dropped, but for some reason most everything is made more funny by adding a cuss word to it.  Or if you’re making fun of someone.  Unfortunately, that’s always funny.

*I would like to take this time to apologize to every person I laughed at who fell or tripped in front of me.  I can’t help myself.  Other people hurting themselves is funny.  Take me as I am.*

Instead of driving up there just for the show, we decided to make a day-trip out of it.  I showed my mom around some antique shops in Georgetown pretending we could afford anything they had to sell, and I introduced the ‘rents to my favorite café: Patisserie Poupon. Oh-em-gee is it good.  They have the best espresso, amazing pastries, and bangin’ good baguettes [you need to get there early for those though].  It takes me back to all the Parisian Patisseries I enjoyed a little too much when I was there a few summers ago.  Ahhh Paris…[OK, snapping out of it].  Each of us picked a pastry and I ordered a cappuccino because it would be a sin not to, and we enjoyed our mini escape from the heat and humidity.

pure magic

Georgetown Antique-ing

The Brass Knob

The Brass Knob

I drove them over to Adams Morgan next to find another antique shop, The Brass Knob, my mom wanted to check out- then we headed to happy hour.  You can’t pass up half price drinks.  That is also a sin.  We went to Utopia on U Street.  The place was too hipster to function so, naturally, I loved it.  There was jazz music playing, and exposed brick with mini bookshelves carved into it! #doingthatinmyhouse


Dinner and wine at Potenza [yum], then off to the show!!


It was a great day- busy, but awesome.  I can’t wait until my sister comes to visit in a few weeks and we can make another family trip up there! Exploring cities is one of my favorite activities 🙂

I also managed to work on my take-pictures-while-walking skillz and snapped a few of the monument and the White House.  My pictures of the show were pretty awful though, so I’ll just spare you those.  You know what Chelsea Handler looks like anyway…


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