Desserts have never really been my thing.  There is too much chemistry with the baking soda reacting with the water and something about browning butter, and really- how can you dump A CUP of sugar into something you’re going to eat?  I just look at it in the measuring cup then look at my ass and apologize to it.  “Yes, you will get bigger because of this”.

Not to mention my Grandma is waaay better at it, so why mess up a good thing?

The only snag here is that our family loves sweets.  You don’t grow up in a household with a dad who worked at the Hershey factory and NOT love chocolate.  It just doesn’t happen. Plus, I tend to cook pretty healthy [minus my cheese overloading in the past two weeks] so my parents get a little stir crazy. “WHATS FOR DESSERT!? I NEED CHOCOLATE!”

So I started baking.

First was cupcakes because I could copy everything my sister would make/post on her blog.  These suckers became a family favorite, and my mom even had people at her work paying me to make them.  Life is funny.

Anyway, then I moved on to cookies and pies and breads because, well, they’re awesome.

My latest conquest? Tiramisu.

It’s one of me and my mom’s favorite desserts so I figured I would have to try it sooner or later [my other favorites are lemon cake and carrot cake in case you were wondering. wink wink].  And you know what? It’s not hard to make at allll.  I would even venture to say its easy. Yeah, thats right. That thing Italian restaurants hype up all the time? Not that hard.

The most important ingredient. And yes, I made too much on purpose so I could drink the extra

The process, counter-clockwise from bottom right

I used a recipe I found on pinterest, and decided to make cute little individuals because who doesn’t love mini desserts!? Well, actually, I don’t.  I like a lot of dessert. But I also didn’t have a pan that was the right size so I improvised.

My mascarpone mixture was a teeny bit grainy so I think I didn’t heat the egg yolks and sugar in the double boiler enough, but I guess that just means I’ll have to make it again. Oh darn.


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