Web surfing at its best

The internet is such a time-sucker.  You’re reading an article and it references this blog or website, so you click on it, and THAT blog is writing about this cool thing they did in DC, and you’re like “oooh I’m going to DC this weekend, I should check this out!”.  The cycle is never-ending.  There is just too much!!

I actually had a pretty successful web-surfing week, and found some cool stuff [aka I had a lot of free time].  So I’m going to share it because I’m in a giving mood today 🙂

Want a new place to get that sugar high!? I know I do…I plan on checking it out soon.

I stumbled across this architecture firm Substance that is making some crazy beautiful houses.

One for all those park enthusiasts out there, go take a walk!

One about space junkliterally…adaptive re-use? or just one really bored guy who had too much time to think?? you decide.

Click on this. Just trust me.



Beautiful tiles. bathroom/kitchen re-model anyone??

I hope this keeps you busy, and if it doesn’t- you clearly need to learn how to procrastinate.

ps- I renewed my library card!! Sorry library card, I have neglected you.  Let me make it up to you.


One thought on “Web surfing at its best

  1. I am soooo with you on that one! I could never get enough Internet. One could spend hours on here and not get bored one bit!

    I often wonder what people did, what I did, before the Internet came…

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