The Doors

Robin Hood's Bay

No, not the band [even though they are awesome].  Just doors.

I have a mild obsession with them. They’re the gateway to your house. Your home. They can say a lot about a person or a family. Ours is bright red with a brass wolf head knocker. AKA my mom is in love with the color red, and our last name is ‘Wolfe’.  See!? You learned so much about us just from our front door!

I’ve thought about what I want mine to look like.  Do I want it to be a beautiful bright lime green [my life color], or a rustic wooden one? Should I put the house numbers on there? Windows? Definitely windows.

In the end I decided I should just have multiple homes so I can experiment- after I win the lottery of course.

I’m over-analyzing, but I can’t help it.  I’m an architect. That’s what I do.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere really. I just wanted something to preface this mad uploading of door pictures that I took while traveling/studying abroad.  It got to a point where my classmates would point out cool/original doors to me.  That’s not weird right? Right??


Richmond, North Yorkshire

St. Mary's Church. Fountains Abbey.

James II Street, London

Richmond, North Yorkshire


London construction site near St. Pancras

North Yorkshire


Kiplin Hall, North Yorkshire


The Docklands, London

?? London??

Dublin, Ireland

Durham, UK


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