I’m no hoarder, but…

…I have a tendency to collect items and have no place to put them.  I am perpetually buying things that will “look awesome if I re-finish it!” or “be beautiful in a nice rustic wooden frame!”.  Where are all of these things right now? In the basement.

The minor detail here is that I actually have no apartment to speak of.  Due to recent issues that come with the real world like paying bills [so inconvenient], I have managed to deal with the side effects of resisting the temptation to buy things for my eventual apartment.  However, when I was procrastinating on dwelling gawker a while back I came across this lovely little image and it helped me to validate that, yes, someday I will have an apartment I can decorate, and, yes, its ok to collect things.

See! Knick-knacks are awesome!! I have always been a fan of organized chaos.  Compositions that seem a little bit random or even borderline cluttered, but to me, its more cozy that way.  Throw in some nice modern fabrics and clean-lined furniture, and I’m there.

Do I have a body sculpture? No, but I’m sure I can find one…

I really need to find a rich husband to buy me all these things get my own place.


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