Twitter Nation

Confession of the day: I’m a twitter junkie.  I like to think its OK because I’m a part of the ‘internet generation’…

Twitter is an amazing idea, not because I can find out exactly what Kim Kardashian is doing at this very moment [no, I don’t follow her…anymore. she got annoying], but because it can become a streamlined newspaper personalized just for you.  You can follow accounts that report on things you’re interested in.  Like politics? There’s a twitter for that. Fashion? Design? Architecture? Harry Potter? Literally ANYTHING you could possibly be interested in, there is at least 10 twitter accounts you could follow.

Sure, you follow your friends and favorite designers or actors, but it can be a great tool if you use it correctly. Say, for example, you’re really hungry for some empanadas and you just happen to follow the food truck @DCEmpanadas. What? They just updated their twitter account and they are parked a few blocks from you?!  Twitter to the rescue!

I generally use mine to stay up-to-date with design news, music, politics, and yes- I follow Lord Voldemort. He’s actually quite funny.

Here are a few articles I found interesting [some found on twitter, some not]:

A post by Fast Co. Design [they are excellent, you should follow them] about where the internet will be in 2015 and society’s ever-growing obsession with smart phones and soical networking. Its amazing what we can accomplish in the palm of our hand.

A google image to make you re-think.

A new artist [to me].

An outfit to emulate [maybe? no pressure…].

A room design idea.


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