I’m a Grilling Machine

I love to grill.  When I was a line cook I always asked to work the grill.  It makes you feel so powerful- playing with fire.  Not too powerful or anything. I’m not plotting world domination.  I swear.

My latest obsession is to make a pizza on the grill.  Crazy concept right? WRONG! It’s genius! [and delicious] I first got the idea from my friend’s blog when I made the margherita pizza she posted. I was hooked. Gwyneth Paltrow’s website GOOP also had a post about it a few weeks back. Since then I have made a southwest-type pizza [think black beans, pico de gallo, guac, chicken, yumm], and this beauty:

pesto pizza!

The key is to make your own dough- and trust me, its not hard.  Just time consuming.  If you make it on a weekend you’ll have plenty of time- the dough only needs to rise for a few hours.  I have used this dough recipe mentioned on my friend’s blog, and the one mentioned in the pesto pizza recipe.  Both were amazing.

You could also get a little crazy and make it wheat by swapping in half of the flour for wheat flour, or by adding some herbs like rosemary or thyme….hmm already thinking about my next conquest…the best part about making your own pizza? You can make it any kind you want!! Go wild! The possibilities are endless!

I was so into all that grill power that I decided to use it the next night for dinner as well. Enter: Grilled Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich.

the fixins


I’ve been a fan of eggplant ever since I had Eggplant Napoleon at a french restaurant once, and the love affair has been going strong ever since.  There’s nothing like a meal that glorifies a vegetable.  No? Maybe that’s just me…but this recipe is super easy and definitely worth a try. Plus it’s fun if you end up making it on the grill [but it can easily be done on a stovetop]. I like to use eggplant if I’m making a vegetarian meal because it is a bit more ‘meaty’, so you still feel satisfied at then end. Yummy in my tummy. 

*side note* I used provolone instead of mozzarella, and really I can see any cheese being a good substitute.

I thought a glass of wine would be nice with dinner…

thanks mom


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