Mmm, cheese

When I say I love mac-n-cheese its no joke.  The combo of the creamy/salty cheese with a hearty grain? I’ll take it any day.  But I’ve come to realize that I think my real love lies with the cheese.  I make it a point to keep our fridge fully stocked.  You want feta in a salad? We’ve got it.  Maybe a nice Gruyere grilled cheese? Check.  Caprese with fresh mozzarella anyone? We’ve got that too….and fontina…and parmesan…and havarti.  Oh yeah, and provolone.  I can’t help it, I’m in love [ and swiss- its not a turkey sandwich without it!].

OK, I’ll move on.

I came across this recipe and I about died on the spot: Gnocchi Mac and Cheese.  Oh hellz yes.  I’ve only ever had gnocchi once, and from what I remembered of it I thought it would be a nice textural pairing with the crispy melted cheese.  I was right.

cheese sauce!

If you’re like me and reading the recipe you may think “What? Only a ½ cup of cheese? What happened to the entire block of cheddar I normally put in my mac-n-cheese?” Well don’t fret, the cheeses used were a bit more salty and have a nice bold flavor when compared to the traditional cheddar- the ½ cup was plenty.

hello gorgeous

So grab a glass of wine, and enjoy this gooey cheesy wonderland!


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