Warrior Dash

This past weekend at Budd’s Creek- a motocross racing field- I participated in an epic event called the Warrior Dash.  Its 5 kilometers of hills, obstacles, and most importantly: MUD.  A lot of mud.  Some friends and I sludged, climbed (and yes, walked) our way through the course- surprisingly, injury free.

It was a blast.  People were in costume, everyone was cheering each other on, and not too many people were taking the race very seriously (I doubt anyone was going to get a PR with mud surgically attached to every part of their body).  I have to admit, my favorite part was at the end when they had a few pool water trucks with hoses attached and they spray you down like a zoo animal.

At the end of the race they let you donate your destroyed shoes to charity so I wore an old pair of running shoes, and I now have a blister the size of Montana on my right foot.  Not too bad considering all the sprained ankles and twisted knees I could have gotten, but painful doesn’t even begin to describe it.  My dad’s advice was to ‘just pour some alcohol on it’.  Gee, thanks, but I think I’ll pass on that one.

If the Dash comes by your area: DO IT!! I don’t think I ever even played in the mud when I was a kid.  There’s that OCD again…


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