The Vintage Source

Doors open at 8am the third Saturday of every month.  The line forms at 7:15, and people are fierce.

The line at 7:30

The Vintage Source is a local store in Compton, Maryland that finds old pieces of furniture / knick-knacks and re-purposes them all fancy like.  My mom has been going for a while now, and I occasionally decide to wake up early enough to tag along.

A common issue of mine is being convinced to go to flea markets / vintage shops by my mom.  I LOVE going to them, but I currently have no apartment to speak of to decorate or to store these said items of furniture.  I seek. I find. I fall in love. I suffer from separation anxiety.  It’s a painful cycle, but I still go back to put myself through it anyway.  I love the hunt too much.  I think it’s a result of my years of HGTV watching.  I knew that would catch up to me eventually…

I also considered buying that painting...I like bikes OK!?

During this particular trip I found a beautiful Japanese dresser- dark wood, cool details, excellent condition.  I got him to offer me $170 for it, but in the end I had to walk away.  Our basement is already filled to the brim with random furniture we’ve collected over the years for my apartment in college, Christmas decorations we can’t seem to throw away, and road bikes that haven’t seen the light of day in decades.  It’s a mess.  And my dad would have been pissed if we came home with yet another piece of furniture that we didn’t intend to use right away.  You’re welcome dad.

Next mission in life: move out of my parent’s house so I can get my vintage furniture decorating on. Readyyyy, GO!

Vintage furniture is beautiful


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