More Adventures In the World of Grains

On one of my pinterest escapades I came across this recipe for a ‘beautiful bulgur pilaf’, and thought it would be an excellent recipe to swap in the Rob’s Red Mill pearl barley I bought a long time ago and have only used once…my bad.

The flavors were definitely exotic, and something I can’t ever recall tasting before.  The harisa I made added spiciness while the caramelized onions lessened the bite with its cinnamon sweetness.  The pearl barley worked beautifully as a substitute for bulgur, and added a nice nutty flavor to the dish.  If you’re down for a little taste-bud experiment I would recommend this dish, but *Warning* only try this if you have a LOT of time.  This sucker is tedious and time consuming.

I added some dates simply because I thought they went along with the middle-eastern ‘genre’ of the dish, and I didn’t have cheesecloth so I just put the Greek yogurt in a thin strainer.  It was still a bit runny, but worked fine all the same.

As a side note- my dad (who’s preferred daily dinner is meatloaf with buttered noodles, hold the broccoli) said he liked it.  And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t lying.


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