Team Trivia Winners!…

…well almost. We got second. Same thing.

My friends suggested we do Team Trivia at a local sports bar/grill yesterday, and I figured since I love Cranium this would be right up my alley.  I immediately volunteered my dad as well because his brain is ricidulous.  I’m not even kidding. The stuff he stores up there is amazing.  For instance, did you know that ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles [love] was the first number one hit that was longer than 3 minutes? Yeah, me neither.

Well, our combined brain power earned us second place behind a team called “Beer and Boobs, We Like ’em Both Big”.  Naturally, we will be going back next week because anyone with a name as stupid as that is not allowed to beat the ‘Wolfe Pack’ twice.

Not only was it fun, but I learned something too: King Tut was buried with 145 pairs of…underwear.  Not shoes like the normal person [i.e. our team] would think.  Go figure.


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