Food & Wine Festival

This year for Mother’s Day I bought my mom and I a ticket to go to the Food & Wine Festival at the National Harbor near D.C. It was a genius move.  Not only do I get to go and drink all day, but it also counts as a gift for the madre.  Plus, I threw in a ticket for my dad too- Father’s Day is coming up you know.

Dad is only double-fisting because he's holding my glass. I swear.

The weather turned out to be amazing despite thunderstorm predictions for that day (and the next four days), and I’m pretty sure I even got a sunburn out of it.  Success!

I highly suggest you go if you are a wine/beer/scotch drinker (yes, they had scotch tastings).  Despite it being called the food & WINE festival, I enjoyed the beer tastings the most.  I tend to be less adventurous when it come to beer and I am always nervous to try/buy a whole 6-pack since there are a lot of types I don’t like (IPA? Oh hellz no). So it was nice to be able to try all the beer without getting buyers remorse later when you can’t even finish a 12oz.

The wine was so/so, especially compared to the wine tastings at the Blue Wind.  Basically- if you’re a serious wine/beer connoisseur this might not be worth your while, but if you are just getting into the scene its an amazing experience. Either way, its a good time. Everyone is always more friendly when there is endless samples of alcohol…

I was snapping pictures all day…

Drink. Eat. Relax. I like that idea.


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