Southern Living Magazine is a God(dess)

I’ve had a serious internal struggle going on for several years now: I’m really domestic. I can’t help it! I love cooking and baking and cleaning and organizing in general. I like to blame my grandmother who is the queen of Clorox and is known to clear the plates off the table and have them in the dishwasher before you’ve even finished eating.  I had no chance really.

Anyway, since I have yet to find a rich man to marry and become his trophy wife, I am stuck with cooking/baking/cleaning/organizing in my parent’s house where I currently live.  This is my latest conquest:

Raspberry-Lemon Shortbread Bars (makes 4 dozen- total time ~6hr.)

I cut the recipe in half so we wouldn’t gain 10 pounds immediately, and I used raspberry preserves because, well, that’s the only kind we had.

I made these on a Friday...this is what was left on Saturday...


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