You know how some women feel their biological clock tick for babies? Not me, my biological clock is ticking for PUPPIES. I want a dog. Bad. Unfortunately, my dad has a strict ‘no dogs for Jesse’ rule in place, which has very few feasible loopholes and is really raining on my parade. So, I’m forced to get all my dog-loving out on our current dog.

My parents adopted her while I was studying abroad, and had her for a month or so by the time I came home.  She was freakishly attached to my mom, and to be honest I thought she was a little annoying. But- a year later- I think she has finally accepted me into her inner circle for reasons other than because I feed her and occasionally let her outside to relieve her bladder on our front lawn.

Her name is Gracie. She was cute today.

And yes, this is how she normally sleeps.


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