Summa time (almost)

There is something about warm weather that just makes me want to drive. And not just drive- drive with my windows down and music pumped up nice and loud so I can hear it over the sound of the wind.  It’s probably awful for my hearing, but I’ll take my chances.  PLUS, now that I have a fancy new used car with a SUNROOF, I can open that sucker up and add to the overall experience.

The only way to truly maximize this magnificent experience is to chose the right song.  You can’t make it too sappy or too angry, and more importantly- not Ke$ha.  Today when I was rolling along this song came on my XMradio and damn was it perfect.  It may not be your ideal ‘driving music’, but that’s the beauty of it right? Everyone has their own car with their own radio so they can decide what reigns king in their own driving-bubble. And today, this was my jam.  It might not strike my fancy tomorrow- who knows. I like to keep my options open.

So push play, close your eyes, and imagine yourself driving on the good ole open road….and maybe turn a fan on to create the ‘wind blown’ effect….

Foster the People, \”Pumped Up Kicks\”


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