After graduation- with an apparently useless B.S. in architecture from UMD- I had just come back from a semester abroad in the United Kingdom, and job searching was not high on my list.  Not to mention, my parents chose an excellent time to get  pregnant with me and planned it perfectly so that by the time I would be looking for a full-time job, there weren’t any.  So, thanks to a few connections, I was pretty much handed a job on the Naval base in my hometown and I was off to live with my parents for a year.

Do I regret taking the first job that came my way? Yes. After months of being bored to death at work doing something completely unrelated to my major and all life interests, I realize that I probably should have given the old job-search thing a fighting chance before I settled on this one.  But, alas, I had a bucket filled with student loans and six months until I had to start making monthly payments. No one tells you how much the real world sucks after four years of college.

St. Mary’s County is gorgeous, but that translates to ‘really boring’ for a 20-something. However, I started to embrace it, and I realized that it actually isn’t so bad. Especially since I’m old enough to drink alcohol. Legally.

Anyway, I bought a Sony DSLR in April (thank you tax return), and I figured I should start using it on the regular.  So I drove around and took some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  It was a little cloudy, but you can’t hold me down Mother Nature! Here are a few- there will be more later- but uploading is taking forever.


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